Adventure By Lindsey Anderson

The (Travel) Life Aquatic

By our very nature we are drawn to water, and this is no less true when it comes to holidays. There's a reason people flock to the seaside, want that cabin by the lake or open their windows to hear the babbling brook. Water gives us life, after all, as well as endless opportunities for adventure! Here are four exciting ways to experience life on (or under) the great blue sea.

paddleboarding on the ocean
beautiful hotel lit in the night


Did you know that many horses are actually proficient swimmers who adore being in the water? Those at Half Moon Jamaica certainly are, and love taking guests for rides across this 400 acre Salamander resort near Montego Bay. With two miles of white sandy beaches to play on, Half Moon has one of the Caribbean's most comprehensive water sport programs, as well as a fully-equipped equestrian center. Combine the two, and you're ready for the riding tour of a lifetime: the Turf & Surf.

You'll start with a warmup in Half Moon's equestrian arena, then head out for a ride on the sand along Sunrise Beach. Next, it's time to remove the saddle and swim bareback with your horse! With their massive lungs serving as flotation devices, the horses will love cooling off after a ride in the sun, making for a truly magical experience in these azure Caribbean waters.

Isla Bella Beach Resort
overlooking the ocean


Have a need for speed? Or perhaps you enjoy a more leisurely pace? The Isla Bella Beach Resort - located near the iconic Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys - has water sports for every style. Take a guided jet ski tour around Marathon, a city spread out over 13 small islands, or explore the Keys' vibrant ecosystems by kayak. If sitting back with a cold beer or glass of rose is more your thing, then how about hopping onboard a floating tiki bar? Rentals are available for up to six people, and diving off the boat for a swim isn't just possible - it's encouraged.


While your perch from a tiki boat will offer great views of the surrounding landscape, there's a whole other world waiting for you below the waves. Learn to dive at the Hilton Aruba, a beachfront resort that conveniently offers onsite courses for beginners. Teeming with aquatic life and more than one historic shipwreck to explore, Aruba's surrounding waters are a great destination for divers (and keen snorkelers) of all experience levels to try. Once back on dry land, unwind with daiquiris at Castaways Bar and compare notes on what was spotted below that day.

bikes by the beach


Known as the "World's Luckiest Fishing Village," the town of Destin, Florida is a prime destination for those wishing to explore with a rod in hand. Start by booking a suite at The Henderson, a luxurious coastal hotel; its location on the rich waters of the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast and proximity to the town of Destin make it the perfect base for local fishing adventures. As with any season, fall fishing offers huge variety in your potential catch including Grouper, Vermillion Snapper, King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Marlin.

The following hotels provide luxurious home bases for all your water-bound adventures. Not only that, but you'll enjoy special perks and amenities through SELECT.

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