New York's Newest Den of Cool

In the city that never sleeps, cool comes in all shapes and sizes. Flair, flash and pomp all have had their place to different degrees in the fads and trends that have swept New York for the last two centuries. The singular rock that has stood firm in these waves of perms, parachute pants and disco? The kind of cool that’s comparatively quiet, yet confident, in itself—that braggadocio that’s unconcerned with outside eyes, the sense of style that’s sharp and smart, the aura that’s richer than what can be measured with money. The kind of cool that’s both well-established and still well ahead of the curve.

Flickers of it still exist in the city today, like candlelight in a sea of shadows, but you have to dig for it—it’s not going to pop up on a lit-up sign in Times Square. For a den equal parts suave and smooth, a place where the drinks are strong in taste and style, a refuge from the onslaught of brash fads and kitschy trends, there’s The Django.

The Roxy Hotel 1

As part of the equally suave Roxy Hotel, The Django is an underground jazz club head-and-shoulders above other contemporary venues. Modeled after the boites of Paris, a night here is more akin to The Great Gatsby than the modern day: craft cocktails and savory morsels make for fine accompaniment to swinging live shows. As hideaway as it feels, The Django is quickly making a name for itself in the established nightlife scene. Having recently been featured on Jimmy Fallon as a venue for The Roots, a reservation prior to arriving may prove wise. Shows start at 7:30 p.m. and go late into the night—losing track of the time has never been so fun and easy.

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