By Jonathan Hermann

How to Travel Eco-Chic-Ly

We all dream of that opulent vacation, that ultra-chic escape filled with extravagant luxuries that are just too good to be true. We're talking private butlers taking care of each and every whim, the finest Champagne served on your private balcony overlooking the bay, a personal chef preparing all of your meals with culinary precision.

And as we ponder that travel dream, the other side of the coin comes to view. Yes, we want a decadent vacation, but we also want to travel responsibly. We grasp that our actions have environmental consequences, so we strive to take the most eco-friendly actions as we travel.

These actions typically include avoiding bottled water, re-using hotel towels, staying in designated nature areas to protect the fragile ecosystems we're exploring. Yet one of the most effective ways to travel responsibly is to choose environmentally-friendly accommodations-places that are keenly connected to their local environment and employ sustainable methods while providing services for their guests.


Many travelers assume that these two ideals-ultimate luxury and environmental responsibility-can not go hand-in-hand, but we are here to show you the truth. When traveling to our collection of eco-conscious SELECT Villas, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: opulent escapes that surround you with five-star services all while delivering personalized experiences with an eco-friendly mindset.

For those who have never considered a villa, well, now you should. Private destinations filled with multiple rooms and superior amenities, villas are ideal for groups. They often include the finer things-such as a private beach, personal chef, infinity pool-that make travel oh so much fun.

And while each villa includes its own unique mix of history, style and sophistication, eco-friendly villas all share a singular passion to protect the ecosystems that surround them. You'll find several such villas in Costa Rica, a country so dedicated to protecting its unprecedented biodiversity that a quarter of its land is protected, and 98 percent of their electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

Tip of the Tail 2
Costa Rica

Eco-friendly SELECT Villas here include Casa Ramon, a six-bedroom retreat overlooking the ocean; Aerie 131, a gorgeous 6,000-square-foot space with expansive, 360-degree views; and Eos 139, a sleek, open-plan villa with four master bedrooms. Any of these three would make for the ideal home base as you explore Costa Rica's National Parks, volcanoes, rainforests and beaches.

The Caribbean is another hotspot to experience true tropical luxury. Eco-friendly SELECT Villas across the islands include Jamaica's Whispering Waters on the Beach, a seven-bedroom hideaway with its own private cove and sandy beach; St. John's Eco Serendib, an extremely private villa and spa; and Tip of the Tail on Turks and Caicos, where you'll enjoy a glass-walled pool, Zen garden and a putting green.

More eco-friendly Protravel SELECT Villas can be found-and thoroughly enjoyed-throughout the world. Contact your travel advisor to find your ideal escape.