Adventure By Justin Gibson

Exploring the Exotic Isles of French Polynesia

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha'a. Simply uttering the names of the French Polynesian islands has a way of immediately conjuring images of remote tropical bliss, igniting the excitement and imagination of travelers around the world. To see these islands with your own eyes is a dream vacation realized. With brilliant turquoise waters lapping at shores fringed with gently swaying palm trees, and overwater bungalows perched delicately atop pristine lagoons, there is a distinct reason why these islands top the bucket lists of many. Experiences abound in this secluded oasis and here are just a few of the many varied options available to travelers.

French Polynesia

By Kayak

Exploring the glistening waters of French Polynesia via kayak is a wonderful way to view the vibrant marine life of these islands. Or to embark on a jungle trek, kayaking the only navigable river in Tahiti. The Faaroa River on Raiatea beckons the adventurous at heart for a day of river exploration. Pair this river excursion with a guided visit to Tahiti's UNESCO World Heritage Site of Taputapuatea for a fulfilling day of historical and natural discovery.

Kayaking in French Polynesia
Zip lining in the islands

By Seaplane

Viewing the archipelagos from the sky is truly a magnificent sight to behold. Soaring high above the clouds in a seaplane, watch breathlessly as the spectacular panoramic view of the islands unfolds beneath you. Enjoy stunning views of the overwater bungalows of Bora Bora, the cannons remaining from World War II and the famous heart-shaped island of Tupai. Experiencing the wonder of these islands from above inevitably enhances your appreciation of the staggering beauty of these legendary isles.

Aerial view of French Polynesia

By Zipline

One of the more thrilling options for exploring lush island interiors and rugged landscapes is to speed along a zipline with the warm tropical breeze in your hair. The island of Moorea offers just that with an exhilarating zipline adventure through the verdant treetops of its mountainous terrain. As you're flying through the canopies from treetop to treetop, remember to keep an eye out for some of the forest's many vibrant species!

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